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History[ edit ] The saga of Olav Trygvasson talks about a church in Søndelef in Visedal an old name for the prestegjeld of Gjerstad. The church is mentioned in several historical documents dating back to the s. The churches in SøndeledVegårsheiand Gjerstad were all part of the same parish based in Gjerstad until when Søndeled which included Risør was separated to form its own prestegjeld.

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InSøndeled and Risør were split into two parishes. The town had Risør Church and the rest remained in Søndeled. The single speed aremark parish of Søndeled was split into two parts and a new church was built in Frydendal, just outside the town of Risør.

The old church was renamed Indre Søndeled meaning "inner" - further from the ocean and the new church was named Ytre Søndeled meaning "outer" - closer to the ocean.

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It was designed by Henrik Nissen from Kristianiaand it was designed in a neo-gothic basilica style. The church cost 41, kr to complete at that time. The new church was consecrated on 20 August by the priest from Søndeled ChurchH.

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Arnesen, since the Bishop Jørgen Moe was ill. The church has a typical long church design with twin towers on the west end on either side of the main entrance. Prior tothe church was called Ytre Søndeled Church and it was part of the Ytre Søndeled parish.

Inthe Ytre Søndeled dating site i risør was merged into the Risør parish and the church was renamed Frydendal Church.

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