Dating steder tomra,

dating steder tomra

Det er for lengst uttrykt fra øverste politiske hold at hele Storbritannia vil få et samkjørt pantesystem.

dating steder tomra

Det har den britiske miljøvernministeren Michael Gove sagt i klartektst. Jo dating steder tomra og jo mer omfattende og komplekst pantesystem, jo større blir Tomras hovedrolle.

dating steder tomra

Zero Waste Scotland er finansiert av skotske myndigheter og oppevnt til å utforme Skottlands pantesystem. Som dere kan lese nedefor, uttaler nå Zero Waste Scotland at skotske myndigheter ønsker et "all-in" pantesystem.

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The measure sees consumers pay a deposit on the purchase of a soft drink, which is recouped if the packaging is returned for recycling. Legislation Zero Waste Scotland, the Scottish government funded resources body, is currently drawing up the final designs for how a Scottish DRS will function ahead of the introduction of legislation for the scheme later this year.

David Barnes, programme manager for Zero Waste Scotland, told the conference that the measure in Scotland is primarily aimed at reducing litter, whilst also capturing a higher volume of drinks containers and at a higher quality than those collected at the kerbside.

Up to 20p Mr Barnes indicated that plans are being considered for the DRS rate to be set at a level that would incentivise the purchaser to return the packaging, with a potential deposit of up to 20p per item on dating steder tomra table.

dating steder tomra

Income streams On the likely impact on income streams for local authorities, he said that the loss of revenue for recyclable materials would be offset by an increase in the diversion of material away from the residual waste stream, and a reduction in the cost of managing the proportion of that waste as litter.

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