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History[ edit ] The first version of Gaysir was launched on September 22, Gaysir became Norway's dominating website for gays after the web community Radiator, run by Single tana for homofilewas shut down in Power elite selection Makttoppen [ edit ] On January 12 and 13, the Gaysir the redaction in Gaysir selected the power elite among openly gays and lesbians in Norway.

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The winner was the chairman of the city council of Oslo, Erling Lae and the handball player Gro Hammerseng. Makttoppen was also selected by the website inalso then with Erling Lae topping the selection — this time accompanied by the then newly employed chief editor of DagbladetAnne Aasheim. Jan-Aage Torpa Norwegian pastor in the Pentecostal congregation Oslokirken, said to the Christian newspaper Norge IDAG that he recommended Gay dating norge to use the selections Makttoppen as a target for prayer to get the people in the selection removed from their professions.

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It was questioned whether the municipality's website was to link to the website for a local gay arrangement, HomoUKA. This website again linked to Gaysir and Blikk monthly newspaper for gays, lesbians and bisexuals.

Trondheim municipality said they did not want to expose a link that lead to pages that could be offensive.

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He said it was the website administrator who had removed the link in the first place, no politicians were involved, but when people were offended by the removal of the gay dating norge, and HomoUKA requested the link back up, they put it back up. In the letter, she mentioned Blikk Nett and Gaysir as current resource pages.

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The letter started a chain of protests, first from the organisation Nordisk nettverk for ekteskapet en. Nordic network for marriage[18] and politicians gay dating norge FrP and KrF distanced themselves from the recommendation.

Nye medlemmer Lykkehistorier Hei! Her kommer et lite eventyr. Det var en gang en litt beskjeden jente. En dag fikk hun et søtt kompliment i postkassa si på Skeiv. Det skulle vise seg at Askepott endelig hadde funnet prinsessa si.

Gaysir, at that gay dating norge, still had advertisers with webshops that showed hard core pornography pictures on film covers that were for sale on DVD and VHS.

These film covers were visible with no censorship or login restrictions, and were described by Nordisk nettverk for ekteskapet [18] and in a number of newspapers DagenMagazinetNorge idagVårt LandNettavisen in various detail. It was also referred to several examples from the advertiser's websites, such as somewhat rude titles on some of the films that were offered for sale, and a sex club where one could read messages with very direct descriptions.

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From November 22,Gaysir adjusted the display rules of the ads, so they would only be visible for registered members. The website has per Novemberover articles in their archive. Gaysir Interactive[ edit ] Gaysir Interaktiv en.

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Interactive is the web community part of Gaysir. The users creates profiles and can send messages, pictures and emoticons to other users. The members can also write blogs and create photo galleries.

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The age limit for being a member is the same as the age of consent in Norway, 16 years old. With its 35 medlemmer per NovemberGaysir Interaktiv is a central meeting ground for the Norwegian gay community.

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Gaysir Interaktiv is available for non-paying members of the web community, but the free version does not have access to WAPno access to other user's photo galleries, and instead of some features, they get ads for the paid plus membership. Calendar and nightlife guide[ edit ] Gaysir has an activity calendar with information about activities for gays across the nation, where party arrangers, drinking establishments and volunteer organizations are listed.

There is also a nightlife guide with all the regular meeting places for gays across the nation.

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