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She's messing up luster single her dead-end admin job in her all-white office, is sleeping with all the wrong men, and has failed at the only thing that meant anything to her, painting. No one seems to care that she doesn't really know what she's doing with her life beyond looking for her next hook-up.

And then she meets Eric, a white, middle-aged archivist with a suburban family, including a wife who has sort-of-agreed to an open marriage and an adopted black daughter who doesn't have a single person in her life luster single can show her how to do her hair. As if navigating the constantly shifting landscape of sexual luster single racial speed dating i lurøy as a young black woman wasn't already hard enough, with nowhere else left to go, Edie finds herself falling head-first into Eric's home and family.

Razor sharp, provocatively page-turning and surprisingly tender, Luster by Raven Leilani is a painfully funny debut about what it means to be young now.

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Les mer Razor-sharp, provocatively page-turning and surprisingly tender, Luster is a painfully funny coming-of-age story told by a fresh new voice. A taut, sharp, funny book about being young now.

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It's brutal-and brilliant. There is humor, intelligence, emotion, and power in her work.

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I cannot think of a writer better suited to capture our contemporary moment. I couldn't get enough of Raven Leilani's starkly accurate portrayal of the nuances of being a young woman today.

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Raven Leilani crafts a beautiful, bighearted story about intimacy and art that will astound and wound you. I couldn't put this one down.

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I will follow this author anywhere she wants to take me. Raven Leilani has made a truly lustrous piece of art.

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She has poignantly captured the obsession that drives, and often destroys, every true artist. I adored Luster for its honesty and weird luster single.

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You'll find it impossible to put down. I didn't so much read it, as gulp it down.

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There's so much to learn here, so much to admire. Leilani is an irreverent, impeccable stylist-a voice we need right now. From the first sentence I knew there was word-magic here and that I would read any sentence Leilani cares to write.

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What a marvel. In glorious, exhilarating sentences, Leilani crafts a story that is both deeply moving and brimming with originality and insight.

With liquid prose and a painter's eye for colour, texture and light, Luster grapples vigorously with what it means to make art in a world pumping out racism-induced cortisol.

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I promise you - Raven Leilani is about to become your new obsession. There is a universal appeal to Blake's performance as Edie, a protagonist who may be her own worst antagonist. Blake's delivery has an immensely human, relatable quality that makes the listener want the best for Edie as she struggles to make her way in the world.

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