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In ringsaker single klubb interview with Rushprint in AprilAndem discussed production of the series.

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In contrast to American shows, which were the primary competition for shows attracting attention from teenagers, Andem stated that she had one advantage; knowing who the audience were and what culture they grew up in. One major area of exploration Andem found through research was pressure; she stated that "the pressure to perform is very high for this target audience.

sætre dating norway

They strive to perform in so many ways. That's fine, and it doesn't necessarily have to be dangerous or unhealthy. But what is unhealthy is that many feel like they can't live up to the demands, and therefore feel that they failed.

sætre dating norway

They are comparing themselves to each other, not themselves. And then a sætre dating norway occurred: How to get them to let go of the pressure through a series like Skam".

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She admitted it didn't always sætre dating norway, saying that one particular scene change in episode 5 of season 1 from the stairs to the doctor's office was "a dramatic sætre dating norway, and elaborated that "in a later scene, I told the photographer that we maybe should try to go a little closer. But we didn't get the humor, so: fuckit, we'll shoot sætre dating norway and blend the genres. Everyone was supposed to be able to lead a season, and the show was going to switch character season-to-season.

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As production started, Andem wrote scripts for the shows, and there was no improvisation. It's not. A lot is written for the actors.

And before and after a scene, I'll wait for a while before I say thank you and let them play a little in the scene.

sætre dating norway

If a scene doesn't work, we'll fix it and see what in the script doesn't work. Andem read the comments for each day, and looked for feedback from the audience on how to end each season while still keeping her original plans in some way. These actors are very young, I think it's good they're being shielded a little.

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They do also notice the popularity of the series". It has lunner singeltreff been amazingly fun to work on, and I really believe that has given the series a unique energy, and ensured that Skam continues to surprise and entertain. We recently decided that we won't be making sætre dating norway new season this fall. I know many of you out there will be upset and disappointed to hear this, but I'm confident this is the right decision.

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It was notably the first time all the actors were allowed to break their silence and speak to the public. The 9 December release featured never-before-seen content from the first season, with the remaining three blooper videos released throughout the following week.

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Since the end of the season we have seen a pattern around viewer interest. We lie high in the first week and towards the end of the season when the drama kicks in. It doesn't matter if it's a character in a fictional drama - right now, Skam is Norway's coolest show". Think about that.

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They pick flowers and dribble a ball, and even if they don't necessarily convince each other, that's not the purpose either. The point is that they understand each other".

In Decemberthe Nordic Association awarded Skam the annual Nordic Language Prize for its ability to engage a young Nordic audience, connecting with young people across the Nordic region and fostering positive attitudes about the region's neighbouring languages.

Praise was directed at the series' "unpolished" nature, her ability to maintain "such a high level of quality over sætre dating norway long period of time", the series' blend of different sexualities and ethnicities and use of dialogue to resolve issues, and the show's compassion, thereby its ability to truly capture its generational audience.

Vilde Sagstad Imeland of Verdens Gang praised the final clip for being a "worthy and emotional ending".

sætre dating norway

It couldn't have been better. The requests were declined due to the license for the music presented throughout the series being restricted to a Norwegian audience, and that easy availability outside Norway would violate the terms of NRK's license agreements.

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