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Fleet managers use Geofencing for Asset Tracking and Monitoring  

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Geofencing allows businesses to monitor inventory and high-value content. It is cost-effective and efficient.

Fleet management includes asset monitoring and protection.

Monitoring and protecting equipment, vehicles, and high-value content for your company is only possible if you are able to track their movements and know what they are doing. Read more now on Get Social Guide

Geofencing is so valuable because of this.

Geofencing is also known as geo-fencing. It involves using GPS tracking software and creating a virtual boundary around an area to be tracked with GPS tracking hardware.

Geofencing can be used to not only track activity in a particular location but also establish driver accountability and improve daily operations.

It is easy to create geofences that allow you to quickly monitor activity in and out of one specific area.

Step 1: Select the radio button for polygons to create your geofence. Give your geofence an name.

Step 2: Draw a circle around the geofence area you wish to include.

Step 3: Type in your contact information and email address to receive the geofence alert after you have completed the polygon shape. Click ‘Set Geofence’ go create.

You should create a geofence that has an entry and exit point. This will allow you to trigger both incoming alerts and outgoing alerts. If you create a geofence to protect a location that contains a wash, be sure to add an entry/exit point to allow it to trigger its own event when trucks/vehicles have finished unloading and are ready to be washed before they are reloaded. Businesses can use geofence alerts to manage positive customer experiences. They provide real-time information about drivers’ locations, including whether they are loading or unloading and even if they are in a washing event.

Once a geofence has been established, any time traffic enters or exits the area, fleet management will receive alerts. This will allow them to determine whether there is an entry or exit.

Geofence reports and alerts allow dispatch to know the location of their fleets. It also allows them to see if their fleet is moving, whether it’s a vehicle, trailer or piece of equipment.

This is particularly important when construction equipment left on the site triggers a geofence alert.

This could also be a sign that an employee has stolen or used company equipment outside of work hours.

Asset monitoring with geofencing can be used to detect both types of activity, which could lead to savings for the bottom line.