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Diocese of Tunsberg

vigeland dating

For almost years, Hallvards Cathedral was the most important church in the city. After a great fire in Oslo duringKing Christian IV decided to move the city a few kilometers west to be protected by Akershus Fortress.

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Construction of a new church was begun inon the main square in the new city. After that, Hallvards Cathedral fell into disrepair and decayed. In the second cathedral was built Hellig Trefoldighet.

vigeland dating

This cathedral burnt down after only 50 years, however, and the current cathedral was built to replace it. The church was probably designed by Jørgen Wiggers, the Councillor of the State etatsråd.

The current cathedral was erected on a small rocky outcrop in the east end of what would later vigeland dating Stortorvet.

Primarily used for football during the summer, the field is artificially frozen and used as an ice skating rink. Hire some skates and enjoy a cold day on the ice, before popping into one of the many coffee shops in the area for a hot drink. With a special collection, and free access to its reading rooms, monthly tours, and events, the National Library also houses vigeland dating revolving exhibitions open to the general public. Concerned with documenting the history and development of the City of Oslo from the last years, the museum has one of the largest Norwegian photography collections, and a large number of paintings.

The foundation stone was laid in and the church was consecrated in November Restoration[ edit ] Stained glass window The Cathedral was rebuilt between after a plan by German-born architect, Alexis de Vigeland dating Another German-born architect, Heinrich Ernst Schirmer was the construction manager for the project. When Chateauneuf became ill inSchirmer retained Wilhelm von Hanno vigeland dating complete the project.

History[ edit ] Prior to the establishment of the Diocese of Tunsberg inthen counties of Vestfold and Buskerud belonged to the Diocese of Oslo.

The Cathedral's lower end is surrounded by the Bazaar Basarene ved Oslo domkirkea curved long building with a tower covered in green copper like the Cathedral. Integrated with Basarene is the Fire Watch Brannvakten which served as Oslo's main dating site i valle station from untilwhen today's main fire station at Arne Garborgs plass was opened.

The Cathedral, Basarene and Brannvakten are all built in red brick.

vigeland dating

Art works from recent times in the cathedral include stained glass windows in the choir by Emanuel Vigeland installed between —16, west portal's bronze doors executed by Dagfin Werenskiold inand the silver sculpture with communion scene by Italian sculptor Arrigo Minerbi dating from The ceiling vigeland dating are by Norwegian painter Hugo Lous Mohr The church was restored under the plans of architect Arnstein Arneberg.

The neo-Gothic interior was removed and vigeland dating original furnishings brought back. Arneberg also designed the chapel on the south side of the church.

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The church was closed in August for renovation and was opened in April in the presence of Harald V of Norway and the Norwegian royal family.

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