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History[ edit ] There are remains from the Stone Age on the island. It has been populated since that time.

Find out how Norway became united as a single kingdom. The region also hosts many vibrant festivals. It offers fascinating cultural experiences, is excellent for fishing, boating, swimming, golf and extreme sports, and has a bustling city centre with great shopping.

Historically, the island was governed by Torvastadbased on the mainland, but on 1 July the island was separated and it was established as a separate municipality. At that time, a new municipal council was to be elected.

It was intended that the twelve dating norway i utsira on the interim council would be elected, but the official list of candidates listed eleven women and a man. This was not known to even the people involved until the day of the election and by then it was too late.

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Despite a legal challenge the twelve were elected and Aasa Helgesenthe local midwife, was elected the first Mayor of Utsira and the first female mayor in Norway. Helgesen was a successful Mayor until It is a full scale pilot project for energy self-sufficiency for a remote community.

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In periods when there is surplus wind energy, the excess power will be used for generating hydrogen by electrolysis. The hydrogen is stored, and is available for power generation in periods where there is little wind.

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Additional to this an energy storing flywheel exists to help out when for a short time more power is arendal singeltreff. Climate[ edit ] Utsira has an oceanic climate Cfb with short, cool summers and long, chilly winters with lots of rainfall.

The island has significant seasonal lag with February-March dating norway i utsira being the coldest months of the year while August is the warmest. The maritime position also renders low diurnal variation in temperature between day and night.

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Climate data for Utsira fyr Month.

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