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General information[ edit ] View of Hellesundet The municipality of Øygarden was established on 1 January It was created by a merger single fjell was set in motion by the Schei Committee. The newly created Øygarden was made up of all of the old municipality of Hjelme population: and almost all of the municipality of Herdla population: that was located west of the Hjeltefjorden except for the islands of Turøy and Misje which went to the neighboring municipality of Fjell.

From untilit was located at the village of Tjeldstø.

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From throughit was located in the village of Rong. Inthe administrative centre was moved to the large village of Straume after a large municipal merger.

Name[ edit ] The name was created in for the new municipality. The name is the finite form of øygard which means "row fence of islands ". The first element is øy means "island" and the last element is gard which means " farm ". The arms of Sund were granted on 23 March single fjell They show a blue lighthouse on a white or silver background.

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This symbolized the importance of the se and the alertness of the local population. The previous arms were in use from until and the new arms were a simplified version of the old arms.

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The previous arms were blue with a black and white lighthouse on an island surrounded by waves. Single fjell arms showed a black and gray reference sea cairn sitting on an islet on a blue background. The municipality consists of a number of islands and is dependent on the sea for its development.

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Hence the importance of sea cairns, buoys and lighthouses for safety in the municipality. It is part of the Vesthordland prosti deanery in the Diocese of Bjørgvin.

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Churches in Øygarden.

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