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Legg inn av Gjest » 26 nov Dear Newsgroup; I have been following this recent discussion and have studied the archives in considerable detail. I offer the following theory with references for your consideration. The approximate dates in the chart below were calculated using a dating model I developed for the Preston line which has proved to be a remarkably accurate model when interleafed with actual records.

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Descendants of Eldred of Northumbria 1. Ketel FitzEldred approx b. Christiana [ref 2] 3.

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Orme FitzKetel approx b. Gunhilda FitzGospatric est b.

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Gospatric FitzOrme b. Osulf FitzOrme [ref 3] of Preston Richard approx b.

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Richard de Preston II [ref 6] [approx b. Erneburgh le Fleming 3.

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Goditha FitzEldred de Taillebois approx b. Gilbert de Lancaster [Keats-Rohan, p.

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William I de Lancaster approx b. William II de Lancaster b. Hawise de Stuteville [Keats-Rohan, p. Hawise de Lancaster m.

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Avice de Lancaster [Keats-Rohan, p. Richard de Preston II approx b. Christina de Stainton approx b.

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Michael II le Fleming approx b. Anselm le Fleming approx b. Agnes Dunbar great grandaughter of Gospatric I single speed hemnesberget. Erneburgha le Fleming approx b.

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If he married 1st at 20 to N. If she married Eldred at about after the conquestthen Ketel's half sister Goditha and possibly her brother who I believe was Gilbert de Stainton must have been born between and Eldred, who apparently died before Beatrice's father Ivo, may have held property in her right that passed to Ketel generally considered the 3rd Baron Kendal.

Therefore, the flow of barony succession often quoted did nesodden dating site exist.

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Ivo was first Lord Kendal, lands reverted to the crown upon death, followed by Eldred's died before Ivo son Ketel granted his lands probably as Eldred's son who had no male issue with Ivo's daughter. Ketel's son Orm received Seaton and other lands from Gunhilda's brother Waltheof upon their marriage, probably of more value, and Kendal went to his nephew William de Lancaster I.

Also, it is apparent that Single speed hemnesberget owned an area called Preston near Kendal which later was divided into Preston Richard owned by Osulf's grandson and a long line of individuals named Richard de Preston. Adgitha, and was s.


I, Ref 2: "; Chetel son of Eltred, by the advice of Christiana his wife and Single speed hemnesberget his son, and at the instance of archbishop Thurstan, gave to the monks of St.

Mary's, York, the church of Clapaham and one carucate of land, the church of Kirkebi Kendale, the church of Heversham, the church of Kirkebi Lonesdale and the lands belonging to these churches; also the vill called Hotun, the church of Bethum and land called Hafreb[r]ec, and the church of Burton and one carucate of land. Witnesses: Archbishop Turstin, Christiana the donor's wife.

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From the original? CLIX, f.

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I do not have what Moriaty cites. He also cites VCH Lancs. Usulf, Ld. Orm, thegn of Flimby, d.

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