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How to Fill Up Your Next Post Even If It Is A Small List

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One of the things that stopped me writing content on my blog, or blogging on a regular basis, was the fear that no one would comment. A way to get around the comment problem is to create an email subscriber database and promote every blog post that you make to it. It doesn’t matter how small your list is, you can still get as many blog comments you need if you just follow some simple rules. Pre-launch and announce your comments. Once the blog post’s content is complete, respond to others’ comments. Then, cap off your comments with a couple of sentences. The best way to answer this question is to use dreambigcoaching.com.

The comments should be announced and pre-launched on your blog. The average person simply goes to their blog, writes the post, and hits the “Publish”. It’s then instantly available online. What if, instead of creating your blog article, you saved it as an draft or scheduled it for a future date.

What’s great about this approach is that you make a big deal about something as basic as a blog posting. Very few bloggers and marketers do this. I may even announce a new post several days in advance so that I can talk to it three days or more before the post goes live.

If you want to get twice as many comments on your blog, there is another way. Simply respond to all comments. For 20 comments on your site, you’d need to have 10 comments. This is because 10 different people would leave 10 comments. This gives you a total number of 20 blog comment.

Perhaps you are wondering why you should post your upcoming blog post and what you will do to respond to the comments. It’s your site, so you can do whatever you like. People get a reason to comment if people know you plan to limit or limit comments on the blog posts.

What if you said that your next post would only allow 10 comments, and then you will close the blog. You would be surprised at how many people would comment if you said that only 10 comments would be allowed under your blog post and then you would close it forever. This is very easy, as once you have reached your goal (e.g. 10 comments), you can edit the blog post and disallow new comments. By unchecking one of the boxes, you will now have a 10-comment blog post that you cannot allow anyone to comment on.